Best Plasma Lighters 2020 Reviews & Buyers Guide

looking for the best plasma lighters then you are in the right place we have reviewed the top 5 best plasma lighters for you.

Now you don’t need to spend your much time finding the best lighters, we have selected the top-rated plasma lighters for you.

Best Plasma Lighters

How Plasma Lighter Works?

The plasma lighter works by generating a small electrical arc between the pair of ceramic electrodes, the tiny arc is hotter than a traditional open flame (Source).

If you’re a cigarette smoker then a Single-arc (two-electrode) is fine for you, it produces less heat over the smaller area.

If you are a cigar smoker then a double-arc (four-electrode) flame provides you 2x more coverage for a larger cigar.

Top 5 Best Plasma Lighters Comparison Table

best plasma lightersbest plasma lighters
Flame-less Butane Plasma Beam Lighter
  • Brand: Amazon’s Choice
  • Ratings:1656
Buy on
Best plasma lighterBest plasma lighter
Flame-less Dual Arc Plasma Lighter
  • Brand: Novelty Wares
  • Ratings:248
Buy on
Best plasma lighterBest plasma lighter
Tesla Coil Windproof Plasma Lighter
  • Brand: Tesla Coil Lighters
  • Ratings:4025
Buy on
Best plasma lighterBest plasma lighter
Plasma Lighter By The Bull
  • Brand: The Bull
  • Ratings: 470
Buy on
Best Plasma lightersBest Plasma lighters
Bolt Best Electric Arc Lighter
  • Brand: Bolt Lighters
  • Ratings:112
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1. Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Splash Plasma Lighter

suberlight spark plasma lighter Check Price

When it comes to style this plasma lighter has the number one place in the market & it has been re-designed it solves a lot of determined issues that continue plague other lesser plasma lighters.

Usually speaking most of the plasma lighters light through a narrow tesla coil so, they can’t be used on a large flat surface, as pipes, bowls or on cigars.

However, the Suberlight spark has been re-designed to fix this issue.

It makes use of free-form plasma energy with an elongated arc which can light up all surfaces easily.

Moreover, suberlight works on the rechargeable lithium-ion powered battery instead of the fuel which can work for the long-time which doesn’t require constant refueling.

There is an On/Off button that is located on the bottom of the lighter & the power ignition button is available at the front side.

A USB port is located next to the switch at the bottom position & this lighter comes with a 10 CM USB cord which you can use to charge to lighter easily.

Whenever the head of the lighter is closed it can’t be used even you have pushed the switch on that prevents the lighter from being accidentally turned on.

This also, makes this suberlight plasma lighter one of the best lighter in the market nowadays.

When you use this plasma lighter make sure for the slightly burnt scent & high-pitched arc noise to be generated, these happen due to the residue which generated by the electrodes & the dual-arc technology of this lighter.

Quick Features

  • This plasma lighter can be used 300 times on a single charge.
  • This is a re-designed free-form plasma torch that can light on any surface.
  • It creates very hot plasma waves.
  • Unaffected by water or wind & flame-less
  • Its rechargeable & no butane used.

  • It has a sleek & amazing design
  • The battery lasts about 3 weeks & it can be used 300 times
  • The Elongated Arc & the Plasma Torch feature makes this lighter efficient for use on all surfaces.
  • Splash & windproof
  • It’s airport approved
  • Some customers complaint that the USB Cord isn’t durable
  • Produce a burning scent & the high-pitched noise when in use.

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 2. Novelty Wares Dual Arc Plasma Lighter – Rechargeable

best dual arc plasma lighter Check Price

This novelty plasma lighter is one of the best plasma lighter available in the market right now a visual striking lighter.

This lighter is available in the Grey “Gun Metal” color so, novelty wares have been introduced to the more improved version of the lighter which is available in the multitude of colors.

There are many designs available as Gold, Matte Black, Navy blue, Matte Red, Neon Rainbow, Wood & many others too.

So, if you’re bored from the silver & grey color plasma lighters then this Novelty Wares plasma lighter is specially built for you.

In this lighter, the dual-arc technology has been used which makes this lighter extremely efficient, powerful, & able to perform the large lightning objects like Cigars, wicks, barbecues & much more else.

Moreover, the novelty wares lighter is one of the best durable lighter available in the market this lighter is made from entirely of the non-corrosive materials.

And it can be worked in any weather very easily this flameless plasma lighter makes it both splash & the wind resistant.

This plasma lighter takes 2 hours to be fully charged for normal use this lighter is amazing it can last 1 week, there is a small thing which I didn’t like don’t use this lighter with wet hands you might receive a little shock.

Some Quick Features

  • Comes with rechargeable USB lighter
  • Butane-free & flameless
  • It comes with many colors & designs
  • The feature of dual-arc can light on any surface
  • The body of this lighter is non-corrosive.
  • Various desings & colorss
  • Can last a week on a single charge
  • It only takes 2 hours to be charged completely
  • It has the dual-arc technology which can heat everything.
  • Its body is durable but don’t use this lighter with wet hands you might receive a little shock.

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3. Tesla-Coil Plasma Lighter Review – Top-Rated Lighter

tesla coil plasma lighter Check Price

When it comes to the plasma lighter the Tesla-coil lighter is the amazing lighter I have ever seen in my whole life.

This tesla USB Chargeable lighter is presented by the Tesla-Coil Lighters if you’re looking for the windproof arc lighter then this one is the amazing choice for you.

All users like it’s efficiency & they do some complain that there are some flaws in this lighter.

When it comes to the usage this lighter lasts 2 weeks & it can provide you 300-400 uses. which is great & this is available in 6 different colors.

Generally speaks this lighter is good quality which is the positive opinion of the tesla coil rechargeable plasma lighter.

Comes with heavy-construction but this is not lightweight at all, moreover this it works very well & lights the cigarettes faster than the peoples has been expected.

Peoples did complain about its design, & some buyers have complained that this lighter doesn’t last a long time.

  • Heavy construction with good quality
  • Works amazing
  • It can lasts for 2 weeks
  • Lights the cigarettes faster than the peoples has been expected
  • Rechargable lighter
  • Available in the 6 colors
  • Peoples complain about its design (contacts too close)
  • Some buyers said that it doesn’t last long

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4. Best Plasma Lighter By The Bull

plasma lighter by the bull Check Price

When it comes to usage then I will recommend you to use this lighter because of its design.

This lighter comes with matte finish design & this is eco-friendly & the butane free with double-arc technology which is more powerful than the single arc lighters.

In this type of lighters, safety is the most important thing which The Bull has been done an amazing job when this light is on the charging or its lid is closed it won’t work.

With a single charge, you can use this 250-350 times easily which is amazing & a great timing for any plasma lighter.

The xBull Plasma lighter available in the 3 different colors Ice Black, Ocean Blue, & Jaguar black constructed with a zinc alloy body.

This lighter is very durable so, don’t face any melting problem & they also put a led indicator for a longer battery life which turns green when fully charged.

The arcs are given on the top of the lighter which is handy for cigarettes & cigars much easier, so, it xBull comes with the USB cable & a cleaning brush in the package.

  • Battery lasts about 2 weeks
  • Awesome design
  • Very easy to accessible
  • 300-350 times uses
  • Comes with battery indicator
  • Some peoples complaint that this lighter is week in battery

5. BOLT LighterLong-Lasting Plasma Lighter

plasma lighter by the bolt Check Price

As I have reviewed the other lighter the BOLT lighter has the shortest warranty but still, this product is great this lighter comes with a 01-year warranty.

When it comes to durability this lighter is very flexible, long-lasting, & the safest plasma lighter available in the market.

This lighter uses the state of the art technology in its functioning, this product layout produces two electro-plasma arcs from the opposing poles.

This lighter is butane-based lighter which needs to be refilled now or later this product is rechargeable & so, you just need to plug it into any USB port.

  • Enrich with safty features
  • USB Rechargeable
  • It doesn’t need butane refills
  • Comes with latest electro plasma-arc technology
  • Comes with the long lasting battery
  • The warranty of the BOLT lighter is short

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Safety Tips & The Precautions of Plasma Lighters

By using the plasma lighter you need to follow these tips

  • Don’t use the plasma lighter on the flammable liquid things: This can be dangerous for you so, to avoid the unexpected results maintain a distance from fuels while using your lighter.
  • LID your plasma correctly: so, make sure that you have closed your plasma lighter cap perfectly which prevents the power supply from the battery.

Are You Ready To Buy Best Plasma Lighter?

If you have searched recently about best plasma lighter then there is a lot of plasma lighters available out there so, you need to go beyond all the aesthetics & the unit price considerations to get the best product.

In addition to your preferences, your chosen lighter should be charge fast, design, & have good safety features.

I hope that you have liked this best plasma lighters review & guide & Also, Check out this guide of top-rated cigarette rollers.

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